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Battery Low Interactive Outreach Rajshahi

Battery Low conducted a 2-day long outreach event as part of the CSE carnival of Varendra University, Rajshahi. The Carnival was on 17th and 18th December. The Battery Low Interactive team consisting of 4 members left for Rajshahi on December 15th. We reached the calm and peaceful town Rajshahi in the morning of the Victory Day, December 16th. We went to the Varendra University campus to make arrangements for the event next day. The faculty members and the Chairman of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering were very helpful. They gave us permissions to use rooms and space for our booth and allocated the stage for the seminar. With the completion of initial arrangement, the team went on to explore the beautiful city of Rajshahi.

The next day on December 17th, the CSE Carnival started with the opening ceremony. We set our booth right near the entrance of the building. While entering the building, people looked at our stall and were intrigued. Most of them didn’t know what Augmented Reality was and so we explained it to them. They were interested when we showed them our game AR Charge Hunt. We got the interested participants registered for the game. We got great response. Though the ticket price wasn’t free, people registered for the game. The prize was VR Box which we displayed in our stalls. The game started and participants were running all over to find the treasures within a limited time.

After the gaming session ended, we took the stage for seminar on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Magical Realism. The interactive seminar drew attention of many who previously didn’t even know about this technology.

We ran the campaign on the second day of the carnival too. The prize was given to the winner of “AR Charge Hunt”. The program ended at 1 pm. We explored the city the rest of the day. We came to Dhaka on December 19th morning with so many sweet memories, along with the hope to undertake more journies to spread awareness about such amazing new technologies all around the country

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